LC Ulmer

LC Ulmer – A Discovery Artist

When a Music Maker Partner artist passes away, folks always ask me, how many artists do we still have with us and is this the end of Music Maker? This is exactly why I started the Music Maker Relief Foundation in 1994. Blues fieldworkers in the 1970s and 1980s such as Peter B. Lowery, George Mitchell, Axel Kustner and Bill Ferris all did incredible work finding wonderful artists. However, these artists they found still remained in total obscurity. The ones that lived until the late 1990s found some great recognition, such as Son Thomas, R.L. Burnside, Othar Turner and Precious Bryant. Most passed away with very few knowing of their incredible talent. There is this thought that when the old generation passes, it is gone for good. This is very much the case with the blues. Many ardent blues enthusiasts thought that when Son House and Mississippi John Hurt passed that it was all gone – no one had told them about the many authentic blues talents that still existed but were shadowed by poverty and geography.